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Welcome to the website of E-Foto Project. This site will offer you more information on the initiative of the Free Educational Digital Photogrammetric Workstation.

e-foto releases after May 23rd 2012 possess photogrammetric functionalities that allow the development of professional topographic tridimentional mapping projects, by using as data sources aerial photogrammetric images obtained by both analog cameras and digital sensors.

Video Launch Event (Channel on YouTube): http://youtu.be/8uaqtXwjlis

You will find the following content on this website:

  • Successive versions of the e-foto software for download. Since e-foto is a free software, the executable modules (Linux, Windows and MacOS) as well as the source code are available for download on our website.
    • The integrated version of the Educational Digital Photogrammetric Workstation e-foto:
      • The stable version;
      • The version for developers;
    • The non-integrated (modular version);
  • Data and example packages, which allow users to download and use the didactic material. It includes the epp  file (the efoto photogrametric project file) saved in different stages of the photogrammetric workflow;
  • Access to the website statistics, which give visitors an overview of the community of potential users;
  • Tutorials, in pdf or in video versions, which are considered essential for the self-learning approach of the modules developed in the E-Foto project (currently being revised and updated);
  • A Digital Photogrammetry book in pdf format, also available for download (currently only in Portuguese);
  • Graduate and Undergraduate dissertations and other technical and scientific articles and academic reports related to the project.
  • A guestbook where you can register your visit to the website, and the Forum, where you can leave comments, critiques, and suggestions.

Happy browsing and thanks for visiting this website.

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