Books on Digital Photogrammetry

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Fotogrametria Digital (portuguese)

Originating from the e-foto Project and preceded by the e-book, this book offers the basic tools for a layperson in Photogrammetry to awaken interest in the subject and understand it in a clear, didactic and sequential way.

For those who wish to purchase a copy, just order it directly on the EdUerj website (Portuguese only).

A new file of the revised book is available to be consulted academically Revised file

Also available for download is the book's errata (1st Edition) a .

The forerunner of the Digital Photogrammetry Book was an e-book with

Digital Aerial Mapping (english)

Livro VermeerThis book was written by professors Martin Vermeer, from the University of Aalto, Finland, and Getachew Tesfaye Ayehu, University of Bahir Dar, in Ethiopia, with the objective of teaching the concepts of Photogrammetry, using the e-foto software in a good part of the book. Digital Aerial Mapping (English only)

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